Welcome to what was the UK's official Fujifilm Processing Laboratory. Our clients range from the amateur to Award winning photographers.

We process film by hand, print by hand, spot by hand... you could say that our approach is very hands on. Every print is uniquely crafted according to your specifications.

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Go Analogue

Photography with a proper camera & a roll of film.

There is little we can’t do when it comes to film, which could mean we’re all ancient hermits of the dark room… or particularly gifted (not sure I’d go that far – ed). Feel free to browse our services below and see what takes your fancy.

You can now order film services online here or, if you are a long time Fujilab user, our Fuji style Order Form & Price List PDF documents may be more practical for you.

Film Developing

Ideal for those who have their own scanner and just want film developing. B&W, E6 and C41 available.

Pre-processed Film

Bring your processed films back to life by having them printed or scanned. Share old photos on your social network channels or surprise an old friend 'young' prints.

Fujifilm Processing Laboratory

Were you a Fujifilm Processing Lab customer? Do you have questions?

Well we have answers!

Not only that, you faithful analogue film users can now benefit from significantly cheaper prices whilst enjoying the same level of care and attention you received from Fujifilm.

After all, it was us all along!


We have answered the call to all those searching for professional Lomography processing and printing at 'plastic prices'!

Package Deals

Need scans, prints or both? Grab a great deal now!

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